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Maximize your business’s conversion potential with Pepolls

Pepolls is a social network that helps businesses drive conversions and achieve their goals. With its unique poll-based format and soon-to-be-introduced blockchain-based reward system, users can gain Pecoins for their engagement and use them to purchase deals and coupons from you on the platform. This creates a win-win situation for both users and you.

Join Pepolls and take your business to the next level.
The future of marketing starts here!

The new era of monetized advertisement.

Stop paying a third party to reach your prospects to simply tell them you exist! Reward them with Pecoin for interacting with your ad and stimulate their willingness to test your proposed value. Use Pepolls monetization feature to boost your polls, attract new leads and convert them into customers while investing in your target audience instead of paying to intercept their digital experience.

It goes beyond advertisement!

Get your ROI directly from your customers.

We’ ve reinvented digital marketing for a revenue sharing model that represents a win-win opportunity for you and your customers! Recover your Pecoins invested in your monetized poll, by posting deals and coupons for your audience and get them to test your proposed value.

A peer-to-peer connection with your audience.

Pepolls is here to reshape your relationship with your customers by getting closer to them, understanding their needs through its polling system and improving your sales, marketing and conversion performance using its monetization feature. It’s a space that merges social, commerce and entertainment for a lasting relationship with your customers.

Unleash the power of your brand’s digital presence.

Pepolls is your brand’s opportunity to understand, engage, extend your reach and convert more prospects into real customers who don’t just like and share, but buy and advocate your brand by rewarding them for their interactions and demonstrating your awareness of their data value.

Join the new era of social network today!

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