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Be in control of your social experience.

Experience a new way to socialize through polls and discover a new way to share your opinions and views – join the Pepolls social network today and start giving value to your opinion.

Make your mark on Pepolls.

Unleash the power of polls.

Pepolls is built on honesty and transparency – no biased algorithms or hidden agendas. Share your opinions, views and experiences with a community of like-minded people and discover new perspectives through polls on a variety of topics. Moreover, our planned blockchain technology and reward system will allow you to earn rewards for your participation and engagement with advertiser-monetized content, and purchase deals and coupons directly from your favorite brands.

Join us and download Pepolls now. Discover the future of poll-based socialization and get ready to earn Pecoins today.
We stand for digital health & wellness.

No more being the product.

Pepolls is committed to promoting the digital health and well-being of its users. Unlike other social media platforms that prioritize their own interests and care little for the mental health of their users, we prioritize the well-being of our community. Pepolls is designed to be a safe and supportive space for users to share their opinions, insights and experiences, while transforming our digital presence into a win-win contract and the relationship between us into a peer-to-peer connection.

It’s no longer about sharing your private life or scrolling through miles of feeds with algorithms that obscure important topics, boost only popular posts and intentionally suggest irritating or irrelevant content to get your attention, but about interacting with your network in a dynamic way. With its unique approach, Pepolls allows you to understand your network and boost your daily life for a major development.

We recognize that what is algorithm based is exactly what other platforms need to keep their users online. That’s why Pepolls’ trending feature is based on physical human action and conscious choice, allowing you to understand what your networks are interested in and what really matters to them.

with your favorite brands and their monetized polls.

Your Data is no longer manipulated or sold without consent or gains. You are its sole owner and can monetize it. Beyond sharing content or interacting with your friends and communities, you can now interact with brands and monetized content and receive tokens in return. Get paid for your time and opinion with Pecoins.

Get ready and start growing your wallet today.

Unlike other tokens, Pecoin is a digital currency invented to value your time and interactions with monetized polls. It doesn’t stop there, it’s also the currency that ensures your payments for goods, services and commissions in Pepolls ecosystem. Through your wallet, you can collect, spend and transfer Pecoins and track all your transaction history.

Join the new era of social network today!

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