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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pepolls?

Pepolls is a poll-based social media that introduces a new ecosystem merging lifestyle, interest and user-generated revenue. Unlike any other platform, where you sign up to be the product and 100% of its value and revenue goes to the company’s shareholders, Pepolls allows its users to earn a fair share of the overall revenue through its next generation currency.

Is Pepolls free?

Yes, Pepolls is a free app.

What makes Pepolls different from other social media platforms?

Far from the algorithmic model where you sign up to be the product and you are forced to follow the rules dictated by the platform owner, Pepolls is a poll-based social network that was designed by humans who believe that our digital presence can be intelligently reshaped into a win-win contract and that the relationship between us should be based on a peer to peer connection.

Are other versions planned?

Yes, Pepolls will not stop here and will continue to progress until it provides its users with everything they deserve.

Can I post a video on Pepolls?

This feature will be available in the coming updates.

Are you thinking of adding a messaging feature?

Yes it is previewed and the instant messages will be available in the coming updates.

Will you add a Dark Mode?

For sure this feature will be ready in the coming updates.

Is it international?

Yes, Pepolls is an international social media and authenticates itself to the values of its community.

What is Pecoin?

Pecoin is Pepolls official token that you earn when interacting with ads and monetized polls. You can only earn Pecoin on Pepolls app.

What is a token?

A token is an asset based on a blockchain, but it is independent of the functioning of the blockchain itself. This is where it differs from a cryptocurrency. The creation of a cryptocurrency is built into the process of continuing its native blockchain, like Bitcoin the cryptocurrency of the Bitcoin blockchain, or Ether on Ethereum. Tokens sit on top: they are, in fact, really a form of smart contract that updates the blockchain with credit/debit instructions.

What is a blockchain?

It is the ledger – a book of financial accounts – maintained by the nodes. When the nodes agree that you have signed the transaction to send one Bitcoin to your friend, they write that transaction into a “block” of larger transactions. That transaction simply involves instructions to debit your account one Bitcoin, and credit your friend one Bitcoin.

It is called a blockchain because each block of transactions is added to the chain of blocks before it, which creates a linear sequence of transactions. So, the nodes can see the transactions and the resulting credit/debit instructions that come out of each block. This keeps the ledger updated, clear, and protected from attacks such as “double spend”, when a user tries to send one Bitcoin and, because of confusion amongst the nodes, can send the same Bitcoin again.

There are many different blockchains. Bitcoin was the first, but many have followed, making the process more efficient, cheaper, and scalable.

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