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How to create a profile on Pepolls?

Follow these simple steps to get started with Pepolls
How to create a Pepolls profile 01
Open Pepolls app on your mobile device.
Select “Personal” as your account type, enter your email address and create your password to receive your verification message on your email.
Wait until your receive an email from Pepolls.
Once you have received an email, enter the verification code in the space provided.
How to create a Pepolls profile 08
Start by selecting your preferred profile picture by pressing on the “+” icon in the dark blue button on the top.
How to create a Pepolls profile 09
Select your “profile picture” and press “Use it as a profile picture”.
Add all the needed account information.
Select your gender.
You will need to select at least 3 topis.
Browse topics and select the ones you prefer the most (you can change them latter).
That’s it you are ready to GO!
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